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January 2012

It must be time for another update. I am 7 years old now and finally have long curly hair smile

I love school and have really nice friends there. I have just moved into level 5 swimming lessons with the best teacher ever (Zoe you were not here so Tina is the best). Which means I get to jump in the deep end swim lengths without armbands.

I am 4ft 6″ tall and have just bought new shoes for my huge size 2 feet.

When my Uncle Simon has time we will upload some pictures tongue

Hello 2009, it’s been a while!

I’m now at school and in Year 1….. I also like Ballet lessons and of course swimming lessons (with my Godmother). I especially like swimming under the water. At school i like to play hide and seek with my friends. I like anybody most of the time. I love making new friends too! I can ride my bike without any stabilizers now. my mum taught me how to ride my bike and my dad taught me how to start on my own and importantly how to use my brakes! smile
I had a big pet dog named Roxy but she got very old and sick so is now living in heaven sad I have a small pet Tortoise who i have named DUDE! He is very cute and plays with me. he is the same age as me, I got him for my 2nd birthday.
It is nearly Halloween and i will be a Bat Girl this year and every year when its Halloween. smile

Quick update october 2007

Hello everyone, its been a while but i will try and catch you up on my busy life. I have had a fantastic holiday this summer. Mum Dad and me went to Lanzarote in August. It was fantastic, I loved the swimming pool and the beach. The best part of my holiday was meeting Sam, he lives in Holland. He and I had such fun at the swimming pool and the park. smile

I started Nursery School in September. Its great and i have three lovely teachers. I have lots of friends at school. Its fun and we get to use the computer, do they know i’m only 3? smile

Mia Baptism 21/7/07


Mia is 3! 19/7/07


Evidence of chicken pox

Sweeping grass


Me and Roxy

My winning Easter Bonnet

My Rice Krispies Told Me To Do It

I wore this to nursery for Comic Relief

Christmas 2006